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"Feel the burn, if it doesn't hurt, you're doing it wrong!!!"

My legs are shot, shaking, and aching. My ass is sore, my abs are killing me, and my arms are tired. Why? No, it's not anything perverted, or remotely close to that.

I took up a cycling class [go ahead, laugh all you want], and it's pretty extreme. My instructor is cycling lunatic. He'll scream at you for not doing it right, and abuse you verbally. I think its really motivating. He hasn't really been that hard on me, yet.

I miss this feeling. Pain. No, I'm no masochist, it's just that the pain in my legs remind me of when I was in track. Running up and down the ampitheatre rows, doing sprints, lunges, weights.

I miss that, and I was so much more in shape than I am now. Oh, and tennis. Damn, that was extreme. You'd think that it's not as painful as something else, like track, but having the coach I did made it excruciatingly painful.

I mean, wouldn't you be after 5 hours of non-stop jogging, sprinting, lunges, skill training, and all that ball whacking madness.

At least I'll be getting back in shape from all that weight I put on, and lost, and put on again. The only bad side: sweating. I hate the fact the I sweat so much, like a whore in church. But, oddly enough I don't smell. Hmmm.

Damn, it hurts to breathe...I LOVE IT!!!

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