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Stupid Double Negatives.

I've come to the conclusion that things have a way of never working out for me.

This whole study abroad thing I'm doing is turning into such a pain in the ass. I sent all my information and deposits but somehow, they haven't received it.  Stupid Postal Service, what good you are?

My stuff was due the 18 of June, I sent it the 13. Just enough time, on average it takes no more that 3-5 days, therefore they should have received it. BUT NO, the stupid post office sent it the 20th. THE 20th!!

Now, the company that we're doing the study abroad thing with is telling me that I'm off the flight list for the trip, and they can't process anything without my information. I can go, but i'll have to get my own flight, but how can I go if they have none of my iformation or payments?!

Stupid stupid stupid. My money and information is stuck somewhere in postal limbo, and I've gone to the post office asking what the hell happened, but all they say is "we delivered it the 20th."

I am so going postal on their asses if it doesn't turn up. I don't want to not go [Stupid double negatives]. This is shitty.

I need........

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