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Mamma mia that's a spicy meatball!!

I can't believe I'll be leaving for Italy, for three months mind you, in 5 weeks!! Holy rigatoni!

I told my mom that and she got all freaked, she didn't want to think about it. I wonder what she'll do when I finally escape that prison and move out?

I have yet to find out who I will be sharing my apartment with there, we get to chose, but non of the participants have even met one another except for a couple of people. But they're mixed sexes so rooming together would be a big no-no.

My Italian teacher, during this summer, gave us ( the few of us going on the trip who are in the class) her friend's number in Florence where she'll be staying until she returns back to the states to teach at UCLA. She wants to take us out, get us drunk, dance on top of table...THE ITALIAN WAY. She's awesome.

I'm stoked, but the funny thing is I'm more worried about what the hell I'm going to take!? 3 months, that's nearly all my wardrobe, but I can't take it all. Dare I think about it?........ I might have to repeat wearing something. Ah, mamma mia!

Okay, well...I'll update more stuff later, I got to get going, I have my to take my italian final.
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