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C'est la vie

Ever get stuck in a random depressive rut? It sucks, majorly.

The other day I was just in bed falling asleep and I started thinking about my trip, and then I realized that a very good friend of mine mentioned he would be moving soon. It hit me, we rarely see each other now and we're virtually walking distance from one another's houses. Our schedules are so out of whack that we can't make time to see each other, and well having him move only makes things more impossible, and that made me really sad.

This year alone, I've seen him twice. I just don't know what'll happen if and when he moves. Not to get too emotional with this, but he's far too important in my life for me to lose him. Although we rarely see each other we do gab on the phone, but recently it hasn't been that way since he's working on his medical degree, so he has even less time to do things.

Funny how things like this work. Aside from that, I was watching The Real World-Austin and it was the episode where one of the guy's mom dies, and they showed everything that happened and some clips of the next episode, and his moms death apparently is jeopardizing his chances of coming back on the show, since he leaves, and in turn his relationship with one of his cast mates whithers away.

Anywho...that reminded me of my "relationship" with someone and how after their best friend died, our relationship just dissipated into nothingness. I felt bad, of course, but I don't know how to handle death I've never experienced it so close and emotionally I guess I was there and things fell apart {aside from other stuff that CONVENIENTLY occurred at the same time that did}.  Enough for now.

C'est la vie.
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