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Bella Luna my beautiful beautiful moon, how you swoon me like no other

I leave next week, and I'm scared. True, i've been to Europe before and all, but I was 12/13 and I didn't really get to experience Europe in its entirety. But, I'm much older now, so i'll see much MUCH more. Oh, I turn 19 there. That's so awesome, I've planned to go to the French Riviera and look down at gawdy tourist for being so touristy, and laugh in a quasi-french accent, while eating a croisant.

I have yet to start packing, which worries me more. Three months worth of clothing is too much to take, and besides the wont let me. They told me to lay out everything I was to take, andput away half of it, then pack it and carry it around the block and if I get tired to repeat step one.

I had a crazy dream about  the plane trip. Being the neurotic, paranoid freak that I am I dreamt that there was a killer on the plane and each time someone would go to the bathroom they would mysteriously disappear, and when I'd go look for them the attendants would say that person was never on board the plane. I went crazy after that and started looking for them only to find pieces of their mutilated bodies throught the plane. By the time I found out who the killer was--the pilot, it was too late he had flown the coop and the plane was without a pilot and headeed straight for the artic sea at full force.

I woke up before we crashed, freaked out and nervouse. I told my mom and she shut me up before I finished cause I was freaking her out. Its funny that I sort of mixed a whole bunch of movies into one crazy tripped out nightmare. I really need to stop being me.

Later for now, I'll write before I leave and periodically post pictures....not that anyone would see it.

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