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Snap a shot...take a shot

Apparently, some of the pictures didn't show...so I'm reposting them.

"A Room With A View"
This is where I live, on the 3rd floor. Which is actually the 4th floor. The count up, ground floor is 0, and the second is the first...and so on.

Another view of from my apartment.
See all the Vespas? Ok, now multiply that by like....a million, and thats how many there are in the city passing you by.

My view at dawn.

Different direction, same time.

The apartment villas in front of mine.
This is us at Fort Belvedere.
Smallenburg [Smallzies], Camellia, Ryan, Daniela,Monica, Me, Nicole,Jen, Dannielle, Oscar.

A little blurry, but yeah...villas and churches all around.

The Fort at sunset...isn't it pretty?
This is us at one of our main hang outs, JJs Cathedral, in front of the Duomo.
Caress, Sean, Nicole, Daniela, Ryan, Margherit, Oscar,Dannielle, Me.
Pretty self explanitory.
Dannielle, Me, Monica, Cody.

Ryan Light being taken to the hospital because he was being a whimp and crying about it. He didn't need a hospital, he needed to get his ass home and rest not complain about it. They just took him there, and sent him home. Nothing was wrong.

Of course, the Duomo.
Its funny to think that our main hang out spot is right in front of it, and we get completely smashed. I keep forgetting that its a cathedral, not just the place we get wasted in from of.

Not very impressive, but these are some penis boxers. David's...I guess it was a cold day.
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