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I have a break next week. No school for an entire week.
I'll be going to Paris-first, then I'll be back to Pisa where I will catch a plane to Amsterdam.
Then I'll leave for Portugal/ Spain, and see where my roots are.
       My family ancestry derives from two main parts of that area. One: Valencia; Two: Santiago De Compostela. That's on the northern region between Spain and Portugal. During the Crusades, this was one of the major pilgramage spots, its was known as the second Jerusalem. But enough about the history lesson.

I come back, and I'll take a short tour of Northern Italy with my friend Jen. Afterwards, I have a week of classes and then I go to Ireland for my birthday. Well not exactly, I go there the 27, and come back the 30th. Which is before my birthday, the 1st of November. I really wanted to stay in Ireland for Halloween, but it would have been 100 Euro more, and missing class on Monday. None of which I was willing to do.

I think that's all for now. Not my usual long post, but important nontheless. Im sure.
Okay, well....CIAO.
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