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"Dude...the moon is drunk!"

I don't know wether I had fun in Amsterdam or not. Most of it is pretty much a blur.
I mean, the city was amazing. I saw a lot of awesome things, but...I just can't really judge wether or not it was as fun as I thought.
Confusing, no?

Of course I smoked. First time, too. I nearly died, I could feel and hear my heartbeat, and I was all dizzy and shhh-tuff.
Apparently, I spoiled myself. I had top-o-the-line stuff. The one I bought personally was called Kalimist, but then I had some Sage and then White Widow and some other stuff I can't  really remember their names.

If you're one of those disappointed in me for smoking, too fucking bad.

On my way to the airport from Amsterdam I decided to take a train, instead of paying for a taxi, and well...I got on the wrong fuckign train. I did go South, which was where I was going, but I went to the wrong South...Yeah.

Anywho, after Amsterdam I went to Portugal. A-FREAKING-MAZING! I love Portogal.Then I went to Spain, which was an interesting, but LONG, ride through the north-west coast. On my way back I got trapped in customs in Pisa, which was a pain in the ass! They searched my entire luggage and took everything out, and found what? NOTHING! Fuckers.

Now I'm back...for now. Tired...gotta upload pictures.

Random quotes:
"Woah, dude...the moon looks drunk!"
"Chicken..or weed? Chicko-weed! mmm...chocoweed!"
" My kechup makes it colder....."

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