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I like Ireland. Dublin was awesome, with the exception of a bit of drama at the begining of the trip, it was amazing. Especially towards the end, like on the last day I was there.

Temple bar was really awesome, it was fun seeing everyone drunk at  night. Hell, it was fun seeing people drunk in the middle of the day! Oh, those Irish. It was funny, before leaving I went to my roomate and ask the MOST stupidest question: "Hey...what do they speak in Ireland?"

Yeah...stupid. But when I got there, my question made more sense. It was hard understanding their accents, as attractive as they were (for the most part). Gaelic was a bitch...it was literally drunk rambling, but it was cool.

 Anywho, I wandered about the city. I went to Merrion Square and visited my ol' pal Oscar Wilde.
I took pictures of his statue, in which he is appropriately lounging on a rock. Very gay, but then again..that's Oscar for ya'. After, I walked around St. Stephen's green and saw some churches like St. Patrick's Cathedral...which isn't catholic anymore, its Protestant...I saw the Guiness brewery, and went to the old Jameson Distillery ( I Like Whiskey)

Then I went over to the writers museum. I literally had a nerdgasm. I walked in, took the tour and was astonished by some of my favourite writers. Shaw, Shelly, Joyce!!! Oh the shame. I felt like a nerd being so amazed by it all, but I love Joyce and the rest.Then I went over to Trinity College and took a tour. God, it was amazing! It's so big and historic and...GREEN!!!!!!

Today is Halloween. Im so excited. Its my favourite holiday. I have no definite costume, but I did buy a feathery mask and a whip & feather combo...so i'll see what I can create. AND, AND, AND..Tomorrow is my birtday. I don't think I have ever been this excited for my birthday. EVER. I hate my birthday, but this time...I dont.

All right, well I need to get going. i need to get things ready and finish uploading pics. Cheers.
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