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Caskets and maxed out credit cards

I am so flustered with so many feelings right now, its ridiculous. This is my last week in Italy, and I honestly don't know whether I'm glad to be leaving, or crushed that I can't stay any longer. There's a part of me that can't wait to get home, but the thing is that I haven't really missed anyone in particular. This whole time I've been here, I've told my mom I miss her, but I've been lying out the wazoo. I really don't, there has been not ONE moment where I thought to myself "hey, I miss my mom." It seems so horrible, but its the truth.

If anything, I do miss my dog. My mom says he goes into my room looking for me, and just lays on my pillows and falls asleep. When I call, she puts him on the other end of the phone, and when I say something he goes WILDE. I miss having him as an alarm clock in the morning, jumping on me to take him out for a walk at 5 in the morning. I miss my bed, I miss my pillows, I miss my room..but I don't think I've missed anyone, or at least no one that comes to mind.

Sure, I miss hanging out with my friends and doing random things, but I don't know. I'm loving it here way to much to worry about life back home. I'm so far out of the loop, its going to be really difficult once I get home. Oh, and my mother told me the other day I called that when I get home, I shouldn't unpack because she's sending me to see my sister in San Francisco for a week. Then towards the 15 we're going off to the coast of Mexico, and Baja, Acapulco and Cabo. WTF!?!?! NO MORE FUCKING PLANES!

But it will be cool to see her again, she's pregnant again. I didn't really see her pregnant last time she was, so this is going to be funny. Especially since I'm going to make so much fun of her for gaining weight since she was really skinny last time I saw her before I left. And I can't wait to see my nephew Sander, he's so adoreable.

Even with all of that, I still don't want to leave!! Its Christmas here already! The lights are going up, trees are being decorated and its going to snow this coming Thursday. SNOW, in ITALY!And in one of the squares in front of a church, they put up an ice skaiting rink. How awesome would that be?!

But, I know it has to end. Disite the fact that I love it here, it is time to go back home. Besides, to be honest I think all of us need a break from one another before we kill each other. I don't not like the people I've met here, but its just that sometimes we all get a little insane, including myself, and any more and our parents will be receiving caskets  and maxed out credit cards.

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