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mexiCAN?...more like..mexiCANT!!!

I fled the country...that´s right, again.I am, and will be in Mexico for the next two weeks, I fly back the day before I had winter session at school.

I am such a jet setter, aren´t I? My mom said that will all the traveling I´ve been doing its amazing that my butt crack didn´t erase. Gross, but funny.

I can´t wait to start school when I get back...I saw my counselor before I left and asked what I still needed to finish, my reqs...but apparently IM DONE!!! I only need to take two classes, one of which Im already registered for, and theother I need to get clearence for, but thats it!

 I only need Statistics and English. Dont know how that´ll turn out, I haven´t had math in YEARS, but it was Stat, so..we´ll see.

I already applied for the whole transfer stuff, but I dont know if I want to re'apply to the placed I got in back in Hish School. Amherst wants me to apply for them and so does Cornell, but will I turn them down after I  get accepted again?!?! You know me...I can never make up my mind.

Okay, so I´ll write when I get the chance...
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