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¨ Look at them jugs man...they´re HUGE!!!! ¨

Yesterday my cousins took me to a strip club. Yes, I went into a strip club...with women, naked women...boobies and ass EVERYWHERE...though it might have been a sight wasted on me, I did have fun watching my cousins being guys.

My cousin Michael payed a little extra to get a private show, and boy..did he get one. They were about to get one for me but I addemently said no, and that it wasnt me for reasons that I wasnt at liberty to discuss at that moment since I was enjoying my view of Lola wrapping her legs around the pole as she smiled at me knowing I was definitely not in the right type of club.

Aside from that I´ve just been hanging around listening to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin and some Portuguese group I discovered in Europe, Tribalistas...(I suggest you d/l Ja Sei Namorar, its pretty chill) while reading Italo Calvino´s If On A Winter´s Night A Traveler...also another reccomendation.

Tomorrow I think I´ll walk to the beach, or head to the light house and take some pics--I´ll update sometime soon when I´m bored.

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