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I'm not dead......

Its been an awful long time sinceI wrote on here, I guess I should try to update something...

Things are as hectic as they have always been. And as usual, I've been my normal self, as crazy as that may be.

I've been all over the place this semester, and I'm starting to feel a little closterphobic with everything around me.

I recently declined an internship with Vanity Fair I was offered for the summer. It's in New York, and they don't pay..That's a bitch, I don't want to have to look for a job while I'm there working on whatever it is I need to work on.  Also, I am going to write some article for the L.A. Times, sometime soon... My italian teacher talked to someone from there about me, and apparently they found some interest in me (wtf?)...yeah, that's about it...

Nothing else, really. Just waiting for acceptance letters, or rejection, from places I've been applying to. I'm just waiting on Amherst, again. This time I will go if I get re-accepted. I've decided that if I get re-accepted to Cornell, I wont go. It's not for me, its all hype. It is a good school, I mean Ivy League, but I don't see myself there at all. If all else fails I'll be going to Berkeley or UCLA. I ruled out USC because I dont want to go there for undergrad, maybe grad....

Things are a little more calm the second time around, mainly because I know how things work and I'm not having nervous panic attacks like back in High School...this time its just transfering, its easier I guess. But I'm still anxious about where to go...that's not going to change...

okay that's all for now, I have a meeting to get to.

P.S. The Sounds are KICK ASS
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