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Coincidence is just the universe's way of working anonymously

Ever get the feeling that throughout your life certain things happened for a reason, and although you overlook them at first, there comes the profound realization that hits you abruptly and allows you to see that all these things meant something in the long run?

I don't know what it is, but I have a tendency to connect everything together. The most random of things become one as I interweave them.  Check it, the people I met in Florence were complete strangers to me, except for a few. Two or three of them I knew from classes I had with them. When we were all on a trip waiting for a flight, I started asking them if they ever noticed how we were all connected even before we met each other. I started linking everyone together, and it seems as though everyone was meant to know each other, and was meant to go on the trip through some weird cosmic reason or another.

I was connected to A by taking a class with Band C. I'm just using alphabetical variable, its too much to spell out names. Well, okay. B and A are a couple, C and I are best of friends. D and I were at the same concert, right next to each other long before even thinking about going to Florence. D and E met in a bathroom in High School and passed glances. E and J went to High School together, where they were connected to various unknowns that knew H,  and J. H and J and K all knew the same person who told them if they knew one another, which they realized on the trip. L and M are neighbors, and L went to high school with N, who knew a lot of people from MY high school and even bought weed from them, random but whatever.

Is this proccessing? I know its confusing the hell out of me. And even more interestingly, D and I have a mutual friend who for some reason didn't piece it together that he knew either of us knew each other. Strange how things work in a web.

I'm lame. I'm just tired. I wrote a 9 page research paper in an hour and a half on monday. My brain has been fried since, I can't think straight. Sorry if this was a complete waste of time. But think about it, how many things in your life can you connect to one another even though you think that they have no relation to one another. You'd be surprised how things work. Its like a cosmic million degrees of separation game.
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