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Holy onomatopoetic words, Batman!

Nothing is really that new in these neck of the woods. Just school.

I was walking up to my door the other week and realized that it was the 17 of June, and although for most of you that means nothing, but for me exactly one year ago on that day I had graduated from High School. 

It's weird, my freshman year is over, pretty much. I'm not upset at my decisions anymore. I know I let a lot good things pass me by not going to any of the schools that actually wanted me, but things happen for a reason and I know that things will turn out okay.

Oh, and that was probably the first time I was ever optimistic. Ever.

Its amazing how much I've actually changed throughout this past year. I've matured, and yet I've maintained my childish naivety. My writing has improved, I think.

Reading my essays from High School and comparing them to the ones I've written now, I can see a very big difference. I'm starting to make more sense, and it actually seems like I know what I'm talking about and in depth.

Holy onomatopoetic words, Batman! Could it be, I actually got smarter!? Probably not.

I think that's enough of a post, I have some stuff to finish before my class starts in like an hour.

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