Avant-Garde (vaguelyaware) wrote,

Hi, I'm Rickie and I'm an alcoholic

So a week has gone by and already enough has happened for me to write an entire book on.
I'll spare the entire details and try to do a brief synopsis of the past week.

Monday: We arrived, tired as fuck. We just unpacked and fell asleep.

Tuesday: We had a walking tour of the city in the morning. Walked around the major parts like La Piazza Della Republica and around Il Duomo, and all that fun touristic stuff. We went to the market at the Piazza near San Lorenzo and had some panini, I saw the most awesomest clothes there too. Passing by Deisel, Gucci, and some local stores like Killer Loop and The End.
               Tuesday night we went out, so to prepare we had dinner at our friend's apartment, and some drinks. I had about 3 coke cans worths of pure Vodka, in two shots pretty much. Then we went over to our other friend's apartment and had some more vodka. Most of which I finished by myself in a few shots as well.
               We went over to this one place called The Fish Pub where we got free shots with our flyers, and aside from that I bought and had 7 more shots of the same drink. By the time we left that place I could barely walk, but I managed to get over to another place called The Jazz club which was empty, but I didn't really care since I was in the bathroom puking. After that We walked back to The Fish Pub, where on my way I puked some more,YAY! By the time we got there I had been totally gone, so I hailed a taxi and made my way home around 3 in the a.m.

Wednesday: Waking up very refreshed, and made my way to school. Went out to dinner and went back home. Got a cell phone, and called my mom to let her know I was fine.

Thursday: We went out again, hardcore. I didn't have too much to drink, but my friend did. We ended up calling an ambulance, not my idea, and taking him to the hospital. He was fine, but he was beeing a pansy.
                 I met a bunch of cool locals, one of which was Alessandro. he studied at UCLA and the went to Spain and studied Spanish, and was now back in Florence. We talked a long time, exchanged info and said our goodbyes. More to say, but I'd rather not.

Friday: Saturday:Sunday: Went out again, stayed out until 7 am Saturday, got home showered, went back shopped...went out at 9, got home and went out again that same night. Got home on Sunday at 6, and then I stayed home did laundry and now i'm writing this and late to class....


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