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"If you weren't there...you'd be here"

I can't believe I'll be going home within the next month.
I feel like I jsut got to my apartment, and started to unpack, and now I have to get all my shit together and pack to go home, stay for a week or two then I'm off for a Christmas break with the family...far too much traveling going on, I might as well live at the airports and trainstations I go to. I'm hardly ever home now.

This weekend is Rome. I'm excited, but then again there's a lot of stupd shit going on right now that I'd rather not have to deal with, and being in Rome will probably make things a little worse. Then next week is Venice...yay, more canals. As if I didn't get enough of canals in Amsterdam....

On top of stupid drama, I'm doing the whole transfer shit, which is a pain in the ass! I'm re-applying the places I already got accepted to back in High School, and some new schools. I just home I don't have another breakdown like I did in High School...but then again, I know the process now, and its going rather smoothly.

This whole trip has just been one long drunken party with small intervals of sleep and school. Its AWESOME!!!
There's just one small thing on my list of things to do before I leave that I need to cross off, but it's been a little bit hard since ...well, I'd rather not get into details. There've been chances..but, being my usual self, I let them slip.

Vague enough for you?

"I watch the patchwork farms' slow fade into the ocean's arms
And from here they can't see me stare. The stale taste of recycled air"

View from one of my flights over the Alps. It looks like chocolate.MMM.  MY city.
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