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And if the plane goes down...damn

I am finally back home.I got in on the 28 at 5:45, about an hour and a half late from when I was suppose to.

The school divided everyone up into two flights. One in the morning at 7:15, Italian time, and one at 10:30 am. There were only 9 people in the early one, including myself. And there were about 12 or 13 others on the later flight. Both our flights were going to be stopping at Charles De Gaull Airport where we would take the same flight back to the U.S.. Simple, it seems...but it was hell!

Our trouble started when our early flight was about to take off but then they abruptly stopped the plane because of the bad weather. We were only delayed about 45 minutes tops, but that didn't matter to me since I was dead asleep. We got to Paris an hour later than we were suppose to, but that made no difference since we were going to have to wait 5 hours for our connecting flight to LAX.

We waited for everyone else, but then we got news that their flight was delayed...by then we were already boarding the plane. the airline disregarded their lateness, and gave away their seats to other people. But then we couldn't take off because the number of people on the plane didn't match the amount of people who submitted tickets. So after an hour of being checked and everything we left, while everyone who had been delayed waited. They go there right when we were suppose to take off the first time, but we didn't and the airline didn't bother allowing them to get on since they already gave away their seats.

Turns out that they had to stay there an extra day, and that some of them had to stop in London and others in New York. I heard that most of them were crying the entire time...I could only imagine. I would have been pissed and crying, and even more so if I were to be with everyone else.

It really sucked that I did'nt get to say goodbye to everyone...my last words to them were "see you in Paris" but of course that never happened. Even the people I was on the flight with I didn't get to say good-bye to. I got my bags, and I walked to the meeting area and there was my aunt who didn't even let me wait for my friends and dragged me to the car because she was pissed that SHE had to wait so long.

Too much shit. I should be writing my transfer essays. They're due tonight, but you know me...I wait until the last minute. I think I'll use some of the same essays from High School, just change it around a little to fit with studying abroad. They got me in once, they sure as hell get me in again.
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